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DEMANDSUPPLIER is an online media platform that focuses on providing business and investment related information from the financial, business, energy, real estate, legal and agribusiness sectors to domestic and foreign investors planning on investing in Nigeria.

Our team of experts is committed to providing information that make investing in Nigeria easy for you.

Our partners also evaluate opportunities within the Nigerian economy and publish and rate them so you can make quality, profitable decisions with your money.



These are times of exciting opportunities for potential foreign and domestic investors planning on investing in Nigeria.

The current Nigerian economic reality, a government of change, emerging start-ups, and untapped opportunities in various business value-chains, innovative products, platforms and markets are all remolding the economic landscape.



The challenge with investing in Nigeria is seizing those opportunities and maximizing them to get the biggest Return on On Investment (ROI).



We help foreign and domestic investors who are investing in Nigeria take advantage of “THE NIGERIAN OPPORTUNITY” by addressing their biggest concerns in these areas:

  • How to Protect their Seed Capital
  • Where to Invest for the Long-term
  • How to get the best Returns on Investment (ROI)



We are investment facilitators. We pride ourselves in our core values:

  • Service
  • Integrity
  • Profit


We partner with NGOs, government agencies, lawyers and financial institutions to take make it easy for you if you are investing in Nigeria’s vast opportunties.

We also have a network of Nigerian organizations that are seeking investors in Real Estate in different parts of Nigeria especially in the in the Lekki-Epe Axis, Agriculture and Agro-processing, Aquaculture, Technology and Manufacturing so that it will be easy for you to invest in the Nigerian economy.

Our clientele benefit from our connection with the players in these markets & collaborate with them in the real-world for mutual benefits.



We help to ease the inflow of capital into Nigeria by connecting the various stakeholders the economic ecosystem. Contact us if you need help in the following areas:

  • Company Registration
  • Background Checks
  • Personal Verification
  • Market Entry Strategies
  • New Product Launch
  • Localized Value Creation & Value Capture
  • Win-Win Partnerships
  • Negotiations
  • Business Development
  • Local Support for non-domestic institutions
  • Market Intelligence
  • Partnership, JV, & Distributor Targeting
  • Primary & Secondary Market Research
  • Cultural & Regulatory Context
  • Market Visit Facilitation



We proffer bespoke solutions for foreign high net-worth individuals interested in Nigeria, private foundations & others who need competent local expertise.

We welcome domestic & foreign organizations who seek to identify & take advantage of new opportunities in these areas:

  • Real Estate ( especially the fast growing Lekki-Epe Free Trade Zone)
  • Agriculture and agro-processing
  • Aquaculture
  • Mining
  • Technology
  • E-commerce
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Exportation



As an investor looking at investing in Nigeria, working with the right domestic partners is important. We understand that you will need competent, trustworthy and respected hands.

Not one that will rely on hope and fate to make things happen.

The due-diligence checks are part of what we offer to our clients that want to trade with, or partner with Nigerian companies. We will even link you to internationally respected law firms to ensure you are safe from fraud.

Our due-diligence report will make a real difference for you and your company.

The report will be based on:

  • The Corporate Affairs Commission
  • Personal visits to the potential partner company premises
  • Background search at The Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)
  • Open-source media search
  • Stakeholder input within the company’s sector
  • Input from the relevant Chambers of Commerce

Depending on your company needs and the size of the intended business investment or transaction with Nigerian companies, the due-diligence report may be basic or elaborate.



We believe strongly in taking positive risks. While Nigeria’s infamous reputation is overly unjustified, the truth is that doing business and investing in Nigeria is not easy. However, nothing worth doing in life is.

We will help you assess the risks related your business, strategy, market segment, and your company’s products or services to avoid unnecessary risks and pitfalls.



A market visit is an excellent way to have a firsthand feel of a new or potential territory if you are investing in Nigeria. It gives an opportunity to form your own opinion about the Nigerian market.

This is particularly true in Nigeria where business success depends a lot on referrals, personal contact and where information is not always be readily available.

Our organized visits are specially customized to what you need.

DemandSupplier and partner companies can arrange a program of qualified appointments and confirm series of meetings with local key contacts relevant to the product or service you intend to offer.

When understand that you will prefer to deal with companies with proven track records, previous or ongoing international affiliations, and of course a strong market position.

Typically, we arrange meetings with 5-10 potential partners and/or clients, depending on the length of your stay. We can organize itineraries in any Nigerian city, take care of all the logistics of your visit and have preferential rates with e.g. hotels, car hire services and security providers.

We will also provide tight security.



Trade missions are a great introduction to Nigeria and its players, and often work to jump-start your successful entry in the market. Moreover, trade missions strengthen (bilateral) trade ties.

Usually, trade missions are organized by the embassy of the companies’ origin, a chamber of commerce, or exporters’ association.

DemandSupplier has partners that can organize these trade missions, and provide interesting programs for all participants.

We will attend to the profiling of participating companies and boost the economic profile of the organizing country.

Our strategic partners have organized various trade missions. For instance in 2013, the Irish trade mission headed by the Irish Minister of State for Trade, and a 20-company delegation for the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce was organized.

Also, in 2014, a Canadian energy mission, a Turkish health care trade mission, a Dutch ministerial and multi-sectoral trade delegation and an Irish ministerial and multi-sectoral trade mission were organized.



Country knowledge is important to successful market entry. Nigeria is a unique country.

We recommend that investors get to know the peculiarities of Nigeria. While market knowledge is not too scarce, it is highly dynamic and Nigeria is huge and very diverse with each sector having with its own characteristics.

DemandSupplier has a built a network of experienced researchers and affiliates that will help you gain insight into investing in Nigeria.

If you need sector reports, feasibility studies, market research and briefs, we can customize our research to your requirements and your business demands. Our aim is to create useful documents for you so you can make quality investment decisions.



We are located at:
51, Unity Road
Unity Estate
Badore, Ajah

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