25 Items under Importation Ban into Nigeria25 Items under Importation Ban into Nigeria.

25 Items under Importation Ban into Nigeria

25 Items under Importation Ban into Nigeria The 25 items under importation ban into Nigeria by the government in 2016 were as part of annual efforts

25 Items under Importation Ban into Nigeria

The 25 items under importation ban into Nigeria by the government in 2016 were as part of annual efforts to control import, but is still in place as no new one has been provided for 2017 according to Festus Akanbi, spokesperson to the finance minister.

The list of 25 items barred from being imported into Nigeria was circulated by the Finance Ministry.

Items under importation ban into Nigeria

Import Prohibition List (Trade)

  • Live or Dead Birds including Frozen Poultry H.S. Code 0105.1100 – 0105.9900, 0106.31.00.00 – 0106.39.00.00, 0207.11.00.00 – 0207.26.00.00 and 0210.99.00.00
  • Pork, Beef, H.S. Codes 0201.10.00.00 – 0204.50.00.00, 0206.10.00.00 – 0206.90.00.00, 0210.10.00.00 – 0210.20.00.00
  • Bird Eggs H.S. Code 0407.11.00.00 – 0407.90.00.00; excluding hatching eggs
  • Refined vegetable oil 1507.10.00.00-1516.20.90.00.but excluding refined linseed, castor and olive oil. Crude vegetable oil are however NOT banned from importation.
  • Cane or beet sugar and chemically pure sucrose, in solid form containing added flavouring or colouring matter H. S. Code 1701.91.10.00 – 1701.99.90.00 in retail packs
  • Cocoa butter, Powder and cakes H.S. Codes 1802.00.00.00 – 1803.20.00.00, 1805.00.10.00 – 1805.00.90.00, 1806.10.00.00 – 1806.20.00.00 and 1804.00.10.00 – 1804.00.90.00
  • Spaghetti/Noodles H.S. Code 1902.11.00.00 – 1902.30.00.00
  • Fruit Juice in retail Packs H.S. Code 2009.11.10.00 – 2009.11.90.00 – 2009.90.90.00
  • Waters, including mineral waters and aerated waters, containing added sugar or sweetening matter or flavoured, ice snow H.S. Codes 2201.10.10.00 – 2201.90.00.00, other non-alcoholic beverages H.S. Codes 2202.10.00.00 – 2202.90.90.00.(but excluding energy or health drinks – liquid dietary supplements e.g. Power Horse, Red Ginseng, etc) H.S. Code 2202.90.10.00 and Beer and stout (Bottled, Canned or otherwise packed) H.S. Code 2203.00.10.00 – 2203.00.90.00.
  • Bagged Cement H.S. Code 2523.29.00.00

Other Items under importation ban into Nigeria are:

  • Medicament falling under Headings 3003 & 3004 such as:
  • Paracetamol tablets SyrupsCotrimozazole tablets and Syrups

    Metronidazole tablets and Syrups

    Chloroquine tablets and Syrups

  • Haematinic formulations:
  • Ferrous sulphate and ferrous gluconate tabletsFolic acid tablets

    Vitamin B Complex tablets (except modified release formulations).

    Multivitamin tablets, capsules and syrups (except special formulations)

    Aspirin tablets (except modified release formulations and soluble aspirin)

    Magnesium trisilicate tablets and suspensions

    Piperazine tablets and syrups

    Levamisole tablets and syrups

    Ointments penicillin/gentamycin

    Pyrantel pamoate tablets and syrups

    Intravenous Fluids (Dextrose, Normal Saline etc)

  • Waste pharmaceuticals H.S. Code 3006.92.00.00
  • Soaps and Detergents H.S. Code 3401.11.10.00 – 3402.90.00.00 in retail packs
  • Mosquito repellant Coils H.S. Code 3808.91.17.00 (mosquito coils)
  • Sanitary Wares of Plastics H.S. Code 3922.10.00.00 – 3922.90.00.00
  • Domestic Articles and Wares of Plastic H.S. Code 3924.10.00.00 – 3924.90.90.00 (but excluding Baby’s feeding bottles 3924.90.20.00) and (flushing cistern and waterless toilets).
  • Rethreaded and used Pneumatics tyres but excluding used trucks tyres for rethreading of size 11.00 x 20 and above H.S. Code 4012.20.10.00
  • Corrugated paper and Paper boards H.S. Code 4808.10.00.00 and Cartons, boxes and cases made from Corrugated paper and Paper boards H.S. Code 4819.10.00.00, Toilet paper, cleansing or facial tissue H.S. Code 4818.10.00.00 – 4818.90.00.00 excluding baby diapers and incontinent pads for adult use 9619.00.22.00 and Exercise Books H.S. 4820.20.00.00
  • Telephone Recharge Cards and Vouchers H.S. Code4911.99.91.00
  • Carpets and other textile floor coverings falling under H.S. Code 5701.10.00.00 – 5705.00.00.00
  • All types of footwears, bags and suitcases, H.S. Code 6401.10.90.00 – 6405.90.90.00 and 4202.11.90.00-4202.99.90.00 but excluding safety shoes used in oil industries, sports shoes, canvass shoes and all Completely Knocked Down (CKD), blanks and parts.
  • Hollow glass bottles of a capacity exceeding 150 mls (0.15 litres) of all kinds used for packaging beverages by Breweries and other beverages and drinks company H.S. Code 7010.90.49.00 and 7010.90.31.00.
  • Used compressors H.S. Code 8414.30.90.00
  • Used Air Conditioners H.S. Codes 8415.10.10.00 – 8415.90.90.00
  • Used Fridges/Freezers H.S. Code 8418.10.10.00 – 8418.69.00.00
  • Used motor vehicles above 15 years from the Year of manufacture H.S. Code 8703.10.00.00 – 8703.90.00.00
  • Furniture H.S. Code 9401.1000.00 – 9401.9000.99 and 9403.1000 – 9404.9000, but excluding Baby walkers, laboratory cabinets such as microscope table, fume cupboards, laboratory benches (9403), stadium chairs, height adjustment device, base sledge, seat frames and control mechanism, arm guide and head guides. Also excluded are skeletal parts of furniture such as blanks, upholstered or unfinished part of metal, plastics, veneer, chair shell etc.
  • Ball point pen and parts including refills (excluding tip)
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