Nigeria Imports Chinese Honey Worth N30.5bn YearlyNigeria Imports Chinese Honey Worth $35bn Yearly

Nigeria Imports Chinese Honey Worth N30.5bn Yearly

Nigeria Imports Chinese Honey Worth N30.5bn Yearly. The PRC earns N30.5bn from honey export to Nigeria per annum.Nigeria should produce and export honey.

Nigeria Imports Chinese Worth N30.5bn 0f  Honey Yearly

The Peoples Republic of China earns about N30.5 billion yearly buy exporting honey to Nigeria according to the Federal Government on Wednesday.

It however said that some of the imports were found to be sugar syrup upon analysis.


Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh, made this known at the headquarters of the ministry in Abuja on Tuesday as he received the ApiExpo flag after Nigeria won the rights to host Africa and the rest of the world in 2018.

The Apiexpo is the apex apicultural (beekeeping and honey production) exhibition as well as the most popular business and learning event in the apiculture sector in Africa.

Why Nigeria is Hosting ApiExpo

On the aims of hosting ApiExpo, Dr. Chinyere Akujobi, Assistant Director, Commodity Certification/Trade Standards and Measures, Department of Veterinary and Pest Control Services, FMARD, said it would be a catalyst for new and improved programmes and interventions to aid the development of apiculture at all levels of the value chain to minimize the need for Nigeria to import Chinese honey.

How to Know Fake Honey

“Now, some of that imported honey is not honey, for when you put them in your fridge and check them in the morning, you’ll see some white substance at the bottom, which is clear evidence that you are taking sugar syrup.”

Self –Poisoning

“A lot of what is going on in the country today, which we haven’t seem to notice, is what I call self-poisoning. We buy a lot of food from outside of very doubtful quality, things we really don’t know much about. And if you’ve observed, you’ll notice that we’ve been having people of below 20 years complaining of kidney failures and liver diseases.

Why Nigerians Need to Export

According to Ogbeh, importing products from other source means you ship out your resources to sustain other economies and create unemployment and poverty back home. The import bill on honey from China is $100m yearly.
“And we really can’t tell where these things are from. So, it is time to take this whole business of agriculture more seriously.

Money to be made from Honey Export

Let’s be sure of what we eat. Let’s produce what we eat and eat what we produce. I don’t see why Tanzania, Botswana, Rwanda and all those East African countries should be making so much money from honey export, while we just rely on imports for satisfying our needs here in Nigeria. I think it is something we should bring to a halt as quickly as possible.” Ogbeh added

Nigeria should start producing honey and export instead. Opportunities exist for anyone looking at producing honey in Nigeria for local consumption and export. We cannot continue to import honey from China.



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