Beyond Business: 33 Ways to be Valuable to HumanityBeyond Business: 33 Ways to be Valuable to Humanity

Beyond Business: 33 Ways to be Valuable to Humanity

Here are 33 Ways to be Valuable to Humanity. You can be very valuable to humanity. However, the most important thing you can do is change.

More Than Business: Here are 33 Ways to be Valuable to Humanity

You can be very valuable to humanity. However, the most important thing you can do is change yourself first.

“You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself” – Nelson Mandela


It is a fact that many are good at what they do but some are awesome. A rare few are completely unstoppable.


The people who are valuable to humanity have changed themselves and are creators of their own world. They set their rules based on guidance from inside.

They are only competing with themselves and not with anybody else.

You cannot predict them but know that they force the world to respond to them.

Do you desire to be valuable to humanity?

You will be on the path to being valuable to humanity by the time you get to the end of this blog post.



1. To Yourself Be True


The highest and most dangerous form of deceit is self-deceit. However, it is very subtle.

If you do not like the circumstance you are in step of it.

To be valuable to humanity, you have to be true to yourself at every point. You have to be in love with what you do. You have to be happy. Love and happiness create energy to perform.

Many employees hate their jobs and only a little percentage are happy and love what they do.

Unstoppable people remove all that the things that drain life out of them.

Love and respect yourself enough to confidently live life on your terms – in line with what you are naturally empowered to do.

Is something not right in your life, change it NOW.

2. Don’t Just Think - Know and Do

The unstoppable in 2017 will go beyond thinking to know and most importantly do. It is the doers that get results, the money, the freedom because they stretch themselves, take positive risks and give actutalizing their dreams all they have got.

Instead of thinking and sliding into analysis paralysis, just do what you have thought of.

Tune into your intuition and have complete trust in your ability to do what you feel deeply you should.

“Every right decision I have ever made has come from my gut. Every wrong decision I’ve made was the result of me not listening to the greater voice of myself.” – Oprah


When you start thinking too much, you’ve started losing. Convert the thought energy to its physical equivalent.


3. Find Your Inspiration from Within


To be valuable to humanity, find inspiration from within you. Money and material things cannot inspire, they are just tools.

At the very best, they motivate you. While we all love to have nice things, never let your life be about money, prestige, things outside of you.

External things can be lost, destroyed or taken away but for you it won’t matter. You’re inspired by the intangible – things that cannot be measured physically so you push your personal limits and give your all.


4. Never be Complacent


Always strive to grow more. There is always a higher level. Being complacent will ruin your life.

There are several signs that you are getting complacent.

“The drive to close the gap between near-perfect and perfect is the difference between great and unstoppable.”  - Tim Grover

When you achieve a goal, celebrate it and set a bigger one.

For you, it’s not just about setting and achieving your goals. It’s about living your life to the fullest and turning every potential you have to reality.

Does this make you unappreciative? NO.

In spite living a life that many dream of and achieving great successes, you’re totally humble and thankful for all your life.

“The way to enjoy life best is to wrap up one goal and start right on the next one. Don’t linger too long at the table of success; the only way to enjoy another meal is to get hungry.” – Jim Rohn


5. Exhibit Mastery of Your Art


Practise makes permanent. Always be prepared by becoming a master of your art.

When everyone else is relaxing, practice and perfect it.

Understand the rules of your left-brained in and out so that your right brain can have limitless freedom to break the rules and create.


When you are really at an enhanced level of consciousness, time slows down.

Your vision will include the bigger picture in all areas. You will have more insight than others. While they react to circumstances, you’ll be manipulating and arranging circumstances to suit you.

6. Set Clear Goals


Set clear goals – short-, medium- and long-term goals but make sure your goals are guided by intangible core values like integrity, truth, goodwill, love, mutual benefits, wisdom, understanding, purpose etc

Don’t be too obsessed with results; it is unhealthy but goals can development you if they are based on vision and balanced within nurturing core values.

Goals can either be focused on your actions and behaviors or on the outcomes you want.

Behavior-focused goals are the better and more inspiring option. But results-focused goals are better when short term and grounded in your long-term vision and core values. When your why is strong enough, the how will take care of itself.


7. Respond Instantly rather than Reacting, Analyzing or Wasting Time


“He who hesitates is lost.”  –  Cato


Being proactive means you have create mental scenarios of possible outcomes and have dealt with them wisely before any one occurs.  So learn to anticipate events. It is usually more extreme than either the positive and negative events themselves.


Just train yourself to respond instantly when you feel you a deep urge to act in line with your vision and core values.

Don’t question yourself, analyze or wonder if it is from God or yourself. Just act.

Once you act in faith, you’ll be led to the next step after you’ve acted. Not acting, it makes you keep wondering but once you act, it starts to become real and practical.

8. Always be in Charge of all you can Control


There are many things in life that are beyond your control.

However, to be valuable to humanity, you have to be in charge of everything you can control. Here are a few of the things you are in control of:

  • How and what you think of
  • What you choose to create
  • Who you relate with
  • What you put in and on your body
  • How you invest or spend your time
  • How you pro-act, act and react
  • What you do for a living

You act deliberately on the intuition not impulse. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you will.

You do things that are of value to others because it is the right thing to do.

You are guided by the intangible, the unseen framework of the physical.


  1. Love and Handle Pressure, Don’t Live Without it


“Pressure can bust pipes, but it also can make diamonds.” -  Robert Horry


We all have a mechanism to handle pressure and stress. Most of us never test this potential fully. We can handle pressure in small amounts but we will rather let off the pressure and relax.

However, this in is not you. You understand that there is a purpose for everything. Use pressure and stress to be productive. It is required in the process of becoming unstoppable.

Pressure will turn the carbon in you to precious, flawless diamonds. So rather than reduce pressure, you use it consistently to achieve your goals

Let pressure keep you alert and active.


10. Don’t Compete Create.

The way to be different from everyone out there is create your own unique value.

Force the world to conform to you.

We live in a dog-eat-dog world. Most people are fiercely competing with others. They obsessively check spy on what their competition are doing.

The bottom-line is that they imitate and look like everyone else. Forget what’s “working.”

Enter into the creative realm and leave all competition behind. To the valuable to humanity, competing with others makes absolutely zero sense because it draws them from the limitless reality into the limited zone.

Shut out all external noise and focus instead on your internal pressure to create.


11. Always Learn


If you think you know, you do not know as much as you should know.

Poor minds discuss events. Average minds discuss people. Extraordinary minds discuss ideas.

Ordinary people are addicted to entertainment. Extraordinary people are addicted to seeking to learn and apply.

Even when you become the best at what you do, don’t ever stop learning. That’s why Michael Jordan had a coach. That’s why every other successful athlete does.

Even the best entertainers have voice trainers, dance instructors and mentors.

You should never stop sharpening and using your skills and knowledge to create solutions that you will charge for.

There is a price of learning and applying to pay. Few ever choose to pay this price. That is why few are valuable to humanity.


12. Success is not Enough


Success puts you in the lime light. It also attracts more success and the expectations of “fans” who secretly wish they can actualize their potential like you are doing only become higher.

Soon they become critics of the successful person you have become while they continuously admire you.

So success increases the pressure on you. This is why for many people, becoming a successful is ok and they never become valuable to humanity.

But not you!

You keep on being relentless; success only inspires you to do more. As soon as you achieve a goal, you celebrate it and quickly focus on a bigger challenge.


13. Don’t Let Success Destroy You


“Success can become a catalyst for failure.” -  Greg McKeown

Handle success like it is destructive because when it gets in to your head, it is.

Many people can’t handle wealth, success, fame, authority, or privilege; so it destroys them.

It starts by making you lose enthusiasm. It makes you become lazy and complacent.

Once the valuable to humanity get what they want, they set a bigger goal. That way the money, success or whatever they have becomes not enough to achieve the next big goal so success doesn’t get into their head.

So for you, it is not about this current successful achievement, but the next bigger one, and the one after that. Success really is a journey; not a destination.

14. Don’t Fear the Outcome of Failure


It is not failure we fear. It is the outcome of failure we dread.

We fear we may go broke, we fear we will be mocked, we fear the unknown, we fear the rejection, we fear having t look foolish, so most of us stay close to the ground because we know it is safe.

But not you!

Failing won’t hurt much and they become satisfied with a life of mediocrity and of living below their potential.

It is true that if you choose to fly high, you may fall from the height and be killed.

Be OK with that. You want to know the truth, most high flyers don’t are the ones that live longer because they life for purposes bigger than themselves.

To you, there is no ceiling and the sky is just the beginning.

The irony is that this is what you can control. It’s all in your mind. If determine that nothing will stop you, nothing will –  if you “fail” – you adjust and keep going.

The most successful amongst us are almost the biggest failures.


15. Take Responsibility When You Mess Up


Every human being makes a mistake. And no matter how successful you are you will. The difference between the valuable to humanity and others is that they check their ego and operate with a high degree of humility. So admitting they made mistakes, taking responsibility for it and creating a plan to overcome challenges due to the mistake are integral to their continuous success.

Neither blame nor deceive yourself.

Just tell yourself the cold, hard truth. One up when you mess up.

If you are a leader, take responsibility for your team’s failures. When you take full responsibility, you have full freedom and control.


16. Let Your Success Blow Your Trumpet


Choose what you want to be known for. I choose to create works that are rare, high value, hard to duplicate or imitate.

Common, low value, replicable works are not worth your efforts. Talking is cheap and shallow that is why anyone can do it. The valuable to humanity focus and work while everyone else is talking. Deep work is so good it can’t be ignored.


17. Develop and Improve Work on Your Mental Strength


The average person collapses under difficult challenges. The better you operate under pressure, the further than anyone else you will go.

To be a mentally resilient is one of the most critical traits of a world-class performer. Mental toughness should be nurtured daily.

Look for ways to become more and more psychologically impregnable.

When you are uncomfortable, don’t avoid the discomfort but become at peace with it. That way you control of instead of it controlling your reactions.

The valuable to humanity always to seek challenges to solve and not avoid them

Apart from letting your spirit control your affairs, the best training you will ever do is mental training. You need your mind to be able to conceive and receive from information and instruction from your spirit.

And you need your mind to be able to direct your body. Wherever your thoughts go, your life follows.


18. Confidence is One of Your Greatest Assets


Any observant person knows that running a marathon is more mental than physical act.

Your ability to run a marathon  or do anything difficult shows your confidence level than actual ability.

If you are confident, we will know from:

  • The size of problems you choose to solve
  • The goals you want to achieve
  • Your chances of accomplishing the goals
  • Your ability to bounce if you fail


The timid people will never put themselves out there in the first place. A confident man is focused on succeeding that he doesn’t how many times he fails. He knows success is a given regardless of the odds against him.


19. Be in the Midst of People That Remind You of the Future Only


Forget the past or the people that remind you of it. If you are surrounded by people who remind you of your past, you’ll not progress.


When you are surrounded by people whom you look up to, it is like seeing a glimpse of your future. The past no longer defines you because you are creating the future.


“The Pygmalion effect” occurs when the expectations of people around you in largely determines your level of performance.


20. Forgive but Never Forget


The science is plain to understand: Forgiveness improves both your emotional health and physical health.

I am a martial artist and once had an injury on my middle knuckle that took over 2 years to health to the base. Today I don’t feel the pain anymore but the scar is still there. In fact I always remember how not to break a block.

That is how forgiveness is you can remember the hurt and not feel the pain or hold any bitterness against the person that hurt you.

Being valuable to humanity means you carry no garbage – mental or emotional. So find the strength to immediately and totally forgive anyone who has offended you.

But remember, like that scar, forgiveness is NOT forgetfulness. You don’t have to interact closely with those who have wronged you and also learn the traits of people that can cause you pain and stay clear of them.


21. Be Simple Not Complicated


Wisdom is timeless. Wisdom is simple.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”  – Albert Einstein

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Make the hard truth easy to understand and simple.

Complicated responses very often reveal the fact that something is not well understood.  Phrases like “It depends” or “there are so many variables” often accompany complicated answers.

YES and NO are the two most important words ever. They are simple and short.

Wisdom is often lost in knowledge and knowledge is often lost in information.

Learn and choose wisdom.


22. Never Envy or be Jealous of another’s Success


If you want to be valuable to humanity, you have to genuinely desire the best for all includes those who compete with you. Jealousy and envy are symptoms of fear – the fear of not enough success to go around, the fear of lack.


Success is blind to race, sex, colour, stature, culture or language. Success is for all if you know how to achieve it.

The process of success is duplicable. The outcome is different for different people. However a successful businessman will be attracted to a successful entertainer

Remember that you are in control. You are uniquely different from everybody. No one can do exactly what you can do.

You have your own super talents and unique abilities to contribute and you will contribute them.


23. Always take the Chance


“If I fail more than you, I win.”  –  Seth Godin


You miss every chance you don’t take. The fear of failure paralyzes most people from taking the chances presented to them.

If you take a chance, you have an opportunity to win something or lose but you stand a chance to win that’s what matters.

A way you can become truly valuable to humanity is to thinking too much about consequences and just take a chance.

Don’t just take only when it’s convenient or when you feel ready. Take the chance and correct yourself as you go along.


24. Focus less on the Results and More on process of Your Success


Success is duplicable. Master the process of success and as you start doing noteworthy work, you will see that the results become distractions. Once you celebrate previous successes, forget them. Focus on practicing and perfecting your art while you keep in sight the process that got you the success.


25. Visualize and Act 10 Times More

“When 10X is your measuring stick, you immediately see how you can bypass what everyone else is doing.”  – Dan Sullivan


Set a personal goal to outdo yourself. 10 times more is giving 1000 percent.

World class performers do not operate 10 times their current level. The truth is you can be better than anyone if you radically stretch your mind and belief system.


Going 10 times more changes everything. It automatically takes you outside the box of present obstacles and limits.

It takes you out and above the problems most people are facing and into a realm of entirely new of possibilities.


If you goal was to earn N2,000,000 this year and you change it to N20 million, you’re forced to operate at a different level.

10 times progress is built on bravery and creativity instead. You will be forced to work smarter.


It all boils down to you.

  • Are you willing to do things seemingly crazy to you and others?
  • Are you willing to take the mental leap, having the faith that everything will work together conspire to make your goal a reality?
  • Are you willing to the 1000% way?

Most people entertain the idea for a second or two and go back to average thinking.


But not you!


To be valuable to humanity, you must desire and determine to sit with 10X thinking and acting?

You must question your own thought processes and open up to believing a totally different set of possibilities.


You have to convince yourself of your 10 times /1000% potential.


26. Set “Impossible” Goals


To be valuable to humanity you need to aim beyond what you are capable of and set “impossible” goals.

You need to learn to completely disregard the limits of your abilities and follow steps to achieve these impossible goals.

Whatever you think you cannot do should be your goal.

  • If you think you’re unable to earn N1,000,000 a month, make it your goal.
  • If you think you cannot be the first Nigerian to go to space, make it your goal.
  • If you think you cannot stop smoking cigarettes, make it your goal

You can realize your vision of where you want to be. Nothing is impossible if you believe.

If you can logically reason out your goals, they won’t force activate the power to create them.

Being valuable to humanity means you set goals that challenge you to be more than you are now.  There are several reasons to set impossible goals. Find yours and achieve them.

“Don’t wish it was easier. Wish you were better.” – Jim Rohn


27. Retreat to Rejuvenate


No matter how resourceful you are, you will get exhausted, mentally and physically sometimes. When this happens, you will need a personal retreat from the even the things that are important so you can rejuvenate and become refreshed to continue to be valuable to humanity.

Even before the major retreat where you will have to leave everything, you still need to take small, intermittent breaks between projects.

While you are at work, focus on results instead of being busy. You will be 100 percent switched on when you’re working and 100 percent switched off when you’re not. This way you will be present in the moment and will let you have the needed time to retreat and rejuvenate.

Being able to work at high levels is like being fit. Never taking a break between sets will not let you build strength and stamina to endure intensive workouts.

You alone can know how best to rejuvenate when you retreat.

For me, I love listening to classical or jazz music, invest time in listening to audio books, sampling delicious food, stretching or practising martial arts or just observing and meditating. These rejuvenate me and make my work meaningful.

28. Start before everything is Set


A Chinese proverb says the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. You can start with what have now and even if you think you have nothing, there is how to start with nothing.

The mystery of Now is that it is all there is. You have to make the most of now.

There is never a best time to do anything; however there are seasons that suit certain activities more than others.

Many people wait because they believe they can start after they saving enough money, gotten enough connections, experience and credentials.

There is a false feeling of “security” in waiting.

If you want to be valuable to humanity, seize the moment.


Unstoppable people in life start before they clearly understood what they were doing. They start before they have any money. They start before they have all the answers. They start when no one else believes in them.

The only “go ahead” they need is the intuitive voice inside urging them to move ahead.

Listen to your own and move.


29. If You Need Permission, Don’t Do It

Should I do this?

If you have ever asked anyone that question, it means you have doubts you cannot overcome.

When you ask this question, anyone who talks you out of it, will most likely succeed.

The valuable to humanity will who are those who are going to succeed will what they feel an inner leading to do regardless of what anyone says.

You also need to stop chasing whatever works for others. You short change yourself by never truly finding out what you want to do. Jumping from one pillar to post, trying to make “fast money”.

A common characteristic is that they never last. No grit or persistence of any kind.

This is the perfect recipe for abandoning projects and wasting their lives.

No one can ever give you the permission to chase, realize and live your dreams.


30. Never Make Exceptions

Once you set your goals, every now and then situations will arise to make you back out briefly.

Never make exceptions or excuses to give in to them. Be committed to your goals. You may have a bad and productive outcome but sticking to the goals you commit to will change your life. Here is why:

“if you give in to your human, physical, emotional, and mental desire to break from your goal briefly, you would have made an exception. If another situation arises, you will make an exception and that’s how you will keep making exceptions until the exception becomes the rule.

Never make those exceptions


31. Serve as Many People as Possible

To be valuable to humanity, you will need to be rich. The best model for getting rich is to serve as many people as you can. Let finding out and meeting the needs of people the way you create your market.

  • Serve people by doing these:
  • Find their pains and ease it
  • Find their problems and solve it
  • Find their needs and meet it
  • Find their gaps and fill it

But make sure you charge for it. However note that you will sometimes need to just go ahead and ask them. At other times, just find out the things that will make your life easier or more productive or entertaining to you and offer it to people


32. Teach, Mentor, Guide Others

Be willing to teach and mentor others when they ask for your help. Even when they don’t, volunteer where you can teach and mentor others. Share your experience. Guide the younger ones.

Be a great mentor to your children, sub-ordinates, in the community or place of worship.


33. Leave a Legacy by Creating Useful Resources

While living being valuable to humanity requires active participation in life, don’t forget that the impact you are making can continue when you have passed.

Plan to leave a legacy that is valuable to humanity. It is this that makes you immortal truly.

So, make the most of technology. Write a book, record and audio, share your knowledge on video and put it up for sale or upload free on the internet. There are many ways to leave a legacy but it starts with the decision to leave one.

Doing of all of the things you can use to leave a legacy is almost free these days but their effect cannot be quantified.


From now on, your strategy will be to create and not compete; to challenge everyone to get to your level. Never lower yourself to theirs again.

Force the world to conform to you or clear the road for you. Either way, you win.

When you become valuable to humanity, you will get what you desire – everything. Remember that everything you need to succeed is already deposited inside you.

Trust intuition and act.