Nigerian Population forecast now 193 Million CitizensNigeria Population forecast now 193.3 Million Citizens

Nigerian Population forecast now 193 Million Citizens

National Bureau of Statistics' Forecast: 193.3 Million People. National Population Commission (NPC) and the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) say Nigeria’s population currently is at 193,392,517.

Nigerian Population Forecast: 193.3 Million People

Nigerian Population based on National Bureau of Statistics figures

Nigerian population currently is at 193,392,517 according to the National Population Commission (NPC) and the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

This is a little over the United Nations’ 186,988,000 estimate.

The Federal Government proposed a budget of N9.799 billion for the NPC in 2017.

The last census was last conducted in Nigeria in 2006 resulting in a figure put at 140,431,790.

Some Estimated Population Figures

Based on the latest population forecasts released by National Bureau of Statistics website
Kano        Lagos
2016    13,076,892    9,113,605
2006    9,401,288    12,550,598

Most Populated States in Nigeria according to NBS Estimates 2016

Kano            13,076,892
Lagos            9,113,605
Kaduna         8,252,366
Oyo             7,840,864
Katsina         7,831,319

Huge Estimate Contrast

There was a wide contrast in the population figure of Lagos.
The United Nations and Lagos State government estimate is 22 million people.

Breakdown of Estimate of Nigerian Population

Males                        98,630,184
Females                    94,762,333
Infants (0-4)            31,116,156
Children (5-9)         27,549,964
Adults (15-39)        78,971,690
Working (15-64)     106,257,431

Nigerian Population Growth despite Insurgency

The stats also show that in spite of the Boko Haram insurgency that has ravaged many parts of the North-East in the last 6 years, the population figure increased substantially.

Population of 6 North- East States during Insurgency

2010    21,614,789
2016     26,263,866

Population of 6 South-West States

2010     31,533,821
2016     38,257,260

Population of Oyo Overtakes Katsina to fourth place

In 2006, Katsina’s population followed that of Kaduna State while Oyo was in the fifth place.

Most populated State in South-East

Anambra     5,527,809

Most populated State in South-South

Rivers State     5,198,716

Most populated State in North-East

Bauchi 4,653,066

Most populated State in North Central

Benue leads 5,741,815

Least populated State in Nigeria (10-year Position Maintained)

Bayelsa     2,277,961

Nigerian Population: Census Preparation

From the details of 2017 budget proposed to the National Assembly by President Buhari, NPC will fully start preparation for 2018 population census during 2017.

Census Budget Proposal

•    Stakeholders’ conference to present the 2018                       N50.0 million
•    Training for data collection and interviewing techniques      N41.7 million
•    Field demarcation proposal                                                         N1.95 billion
•    Satellite imagery acquisition                                                          N1.0 billion



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