KICKING BUTT Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Business from ExpertsSocial Media Tips for Nigerian Businesses

KICKING BUTT Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Business from Experts

Olusegun Adedokun taking a social media marketing training session at a client's boardroom pre-COVID19 Social media marketing is a crucial part any bu

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Olusegun Adedokun - Direct-response Copywriter, Trainer

Olusegun Adedokun taking a social media marketing training session at a client’s boardroom pre-COVID19

Social media marketing is a crucial part any business’s marketing strategy. For one thing, its performance can be measured to the last cent or kobo.

This is something that can never be achieved on TV or radio advertising. In the newspapers? …err

…If you adopt Claude Hopkins testing techniques in addition to high-converting direct response copywriting, Yes. 

Below are tips from the experts who have mastered the art of using social media. Let’s learn from their wisdom and apply what they advice.



Social Media presence is a basic requirement for any Nigerian Business these days.

The question should be “What” to use social media for. A business with a social media presence is seen as more competent and focused than competitors that do have.

Go a step further be active. You show us that your company runs smoothly and takes care of everything, down to the online marketing presence.


2. Upload Great Content

Make sure you add value to whatever you are putting online because it shapes your perception in people’s eyes.

“When you’re just getting started, push as much as content as possible, as consistently as possible. Don’t worry so much whether “it’s brand appropriate;” you just want to get started and build content.”

-Jas Banwait, Growth Marketing Expert at, @JasBanwait


3. Specialize. Find a Niche to Dominate.

“Marketing on social media takes finding your niche and building a relationship there. Trying to reach a broad audience will fail.”

-Nick Leffler, Owner of Your Brand By Nick Leffler, @Nick_Leffler


4. Know your target market and be a voice in your niche.

“Developing buyer personas is a great way to narrow down your target audience. Your product/service isn’t for everyone, so make sure you’re speaking to the right people.”

-Ashton Haywood, Marketing Specialist at Software Advice, @SoftwareAdvice, @ItsAshtonLynne


5. Be Real. Don’t “Make-Up” your posts too much.

Social Media is about HUMANS relating with other HUMANS.

“Be human! A lot of organizations are afraid of making mistakes on social – they’ll run their posts through 20 different people and approval processes before actually posting, and the result comes across as robotic and bland. People don’t respond to that!”

-Brandon Echter, Engagement Manager at Science Friday, @SciFri, @BEchter


WHERE Do I Post Content?

We suggest capitalizing on the social platform where your clients hang out for hours. If you are a professional be on LinkedIn. If you are a fashionista, Instagram is your turf. Break news quickly on twitter.

Facebook is no longer that platform where you post everyday pictures anymore. Create a business page right there APART from your profile!


6. Be near your customers.

“Just because you love reddit doesn’t mean your customers are there. Figure out where your ideal customers are already hanging out and learn how to use that platform to reach them. It’s much easier to go to them than to try to bring them over to your favourite space.”

-Anita Kirkbride, Head Twirp at Twirp Communications, @AnitaKirkbride


7. Don’t be all things to all people. Handle what you can easily handle.

“Planning, creating, scheduling social media content and having conversations with potential customers takes time. If you sign up for every social media channel under the sun, you will be spreading yourself too thin and your content will perform poorly”

-Danica Benson, Marketing Communications Manager at RivalIQ, @RivalIQ


8. Don’t panic if miss a trend.

“Some businesses may never make it to Instagram or Snapchat – but that’s okay! Concentrate on your target audience and your goals from social media. In the world of choosing social platforms to concentrate on for small businesses, less is often always more.”

-Jessica Kornfeind, Senior Marketing Manager at PrimePay, @JesKorn


WHAT do I Post?

Find out what your customers need and post just that!

9. Understudy the successful in your Niche.

“You can find ideas anywhere; be sure to analyze and watch what your competitors are doing/posting. It’s also important to monitor what other businesses and companies are doing that catches your attention. Sign up for social media articles and tips from experts so you can daily or weekly receive emails with all sorts of tips, new information and social updates.”

-Erin Siefring, Social Media Coordinator at Totally Promotional, @TPromotional


10. Entertain with useful content rather than promoting with your content.

We all want to buy but we don’t want to be sold!! Be useful to me. Show me how to use what you think I will need. Show me how what you want to see will benefit me and then tell me where to get it.

“People go on social media to be entertained, not to be marketed at. Therefore, whatever your company puts on social media should be built to engage first and market second, if at all.”

-Nicholas Berry, Digital Marker at American Image Displays, @Am_Img_Displays


11. Quality over Quantity.

We prefer a value-loaded, quality post that you invested time in that a ton of crappy, content.

Give us a Balanced, Nutritious diet NOT a Box of candy

“Being ‘useful’ to your followers is crucial for engaging an audience. A genuine approach actually enables business owners to save time… one well thought out post will bring more engagement than 10 terrible posts.”

-Jayme Pretzloff, Director of Marketing at Wixon Jewelers, @WixonJewelers


12. We love great Visuals.

“Use high quality, crisp visuals. Recent research shows images increase social media engagement: Twitter updates with images in them receive 150% more RTs than those without and Facebook posts with images in them receive 2.3 times more engagement than those without.”

-Emily Sidley, Senior Director of Publicity at Three Girls Media, @EmilySidleyPR


HOW do I Schedule Posts

Social media is a daunting task with more to do in so little time. How do you accomplish it all?

13. Have a plan to be consistent.

In consistency lies the success of Social Media.

“Lots of small businesses get so caught up in ROI, strategy,and SEO that they forget the most important part: to post consistently. So many businesses are so wrapped up in the overthinking that they leave their pages out of date by months or years – dinging their credibility when a potential client looks them up online to see what they are all about. My best tip for small businesses just getting started is to come up with simple posting plan to start – and then actually carry out that plan consistently over time. Once you get comfortable posting on a regular basis, you can invest more time and money in a deeper strategy.”

-Stacy Erickson Edwards, Founder of Organized Social Media, @OrganizedSM


14. Invest in tool.

“Investing in a scheduling tool, like Buffer for Hootsuite, to schedule your social posts in advance. These tools will save you hours of time each week. Social scheduling tools allow you to schedule posts across multiple social channels for the day, week or month. This way you don’t spend 30-60 minutes every day on social media.”

-Danica Benson, Marketing Communications Manager at RivalIQ, @RivalIQ


Increasing Engagement

Social media sprints. You need to be engaged with what’s happening; if you plan on just setting something up and walking away, you’re going to have a bad time.

15. Engagement is back and forth.

“When people mention your company on social media, let them know that you’re listening. If it’s a question or positive comment, respond ASAP. If not, make sure to like or favorite the post so they know you saw it. Little gestures like this go a long way.”

-Kyle Massa, Content Associate at TeamSnap, @TeamSnap


16. Find opening to cross-promote.

“Engage locally and authentically! Look for local organizations with whom your business has a natural affinity of demographic crossover.

Find them, follow them and engage with them. Retweet and repost their content and look for opportunities to feature them in your content. Soon enough, if the connection is real, you’ll find their audience becomes your audience, too.”

-Will Scott, CEO of Search Influence, @SearchInfluence


17. Optimize your channels and content for social sharing.

“You can also use email to promote social media. Include your social icons/links within the footer of your emails to build an audience.”

-Lexi Pemberton, Vendor Marketing Associate at Capterra, @Capterra

“Include social share icons with proper functionality on your web pages. Icons with ‘share’ functionality should be placed on article pages, and icons with ‘follow’ functionality should be placed in the footer or header.”

-Leslie Handmaker, Digital Marketer at


Measure ROIs

As a social media manager, your biggest challenge is showing positive ROI.

It’s easy to say ‘we need to be on social media,’ but when resources are limited, every dime spent had better lead to a profitable outcome.


18. Use in-built analytics tools.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure, but measuring social media ROI doesn’t have to be expensive. Small businesses can take advantage of the wealth of information provided in built-in, free analytics tools like Facebook Insights. The key is know what to measure – don’t worry too much about gathering a million followers. The important numbers to watch are engagement and impressions.”

-Natalie O’Grady, Social Media Specialist at A.Wordsmith, @MissNatalieJ


19. Define what success is to you and scale up.

Measuring ROI is a function of your business objectives.

Increasing followers is a major goal? Create a simple spreadsheet with your team and record the number of followers per channel on day 1 of month. Then, once a month, go back and write in the most current follower counts. This way you will know if you’re growing, stagnating or falling behind!

“If web traffic is a goal (and it probably should be), set yourself up with a Google Analytics account so that you can measure all of the pertinent metrics that show where your visitors are coming from, which channels are the sources of valuable traffic, how long do people stay and read your content before bouncing, and whether they leave your page quickly or visit other pages on your site. This data will help you develop a solid strategy and ensure you’re not simply spinning your wheels with social media or blogging efforts.”

-Jason Myers, Senior Account Executive at The Content Factory, @ContentFac


20. Forget vanity metrics.

Vanity metrics are number of followers, likes, and RTs in your social media marketing. While they are a good measure of your growth, but they can also deceive.

Understand that not all followers are useful.

I’d rather have 2,000 great followers that are potential customers one day rather than 30,000 followers from a part of the world that will most likely never buy from me.

Identify what action you want your followers to make.

  • Do you want them to click to your website?
  • Do you want to have more conversations with them on social media?
  • Do you want them to enter their emails on Facebook and claim a free value-loaded gift on your website?

“Define the action that you want them to take and start tracking it. Social media is at least as much about branding as it is marketing so if you make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward and branding yourself as an authority in your industry, you’ll be just fine!”

-Dustin Brackett, CEO of HIVE Digital Strategy, @HIVE_Strategy @DBrackett88


21. Test. Test. Test

Some time ago, I tried out social media marketing, particularly influencer marketing on Instagram with a token ($31)

  • $6 to advertise for 12 hours an instagram account with 300k followers
  • $10 hours an instagram account with 117k followers for 12 hours
  • $15 to advertise on an instagram account with 175k followers for $48 hours.

I got 20 clicks to my website, 10 abandoned carts and 2 sales.

To my surprise, the 2 clicks came from the 300k follower account I paid $6 for!

Was I impressed? Nope.

Did I learn? Absolutely.

Did it work? Yes

But I also realized first hand that:

  1. There are influencers and there are INFLUENCERS
  2. You get what you pay for.
  3. You don’t get what you pay for.
  4. The higher the number of followers, the higher your chances
  5. There are instagram communities that scam and cross-breed.

“Testing of your social media content needs to be ongoing, and there should always be a monthly, if not weekly discussion as a team on what content is performing either well or poorly, and what can be done to remedy that. This can be fixed by optimizing timing of posts, stronger call to actions, curation of industry content, etc.”

-Melissa Fears, Social Media Specialist at Anvil Media, @MJFears


22. Be patient and learn.

“Be patient! A lot of small business owners don’t know about all of a platform’s capabilities, or get frustrated when they don’t see a high engagement rate or grand following right away. If you’re not getting the results you want, spend a little more time going back to basics. Optimize your Facebook Page, follow relevant accounts on Twitter, post regularly to Instagram, and so on.”

-Kelly Jacobson, Content Creator and Social Media Manager at Illumine8 Marketing and PR, @Illumine8PR

So, there you have it: social media marketing advice straight from the experts and yours truly.

Which these social media marketing tips do you connect with the most?

Is there a favorite tip of yours that I missed? Holla!


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